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I.S.C. Specializes in Ventilation Cleaning Services

I.S.C. Technician Performing a CleaningRegular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust system is a must for optimum performance of your system.

A regularly cleaned system provides:

  • Improved exhaust ventilation removing more odor or smoke from your establishment.
  • Keeps you in compliance with state and federal health and fire codes.
  • Could lower your insurance premium.
  • Most importantly: it reduces and removes the build up of grease in your system, the main factor in kitchen fires.

I.S.C. offers a higher standard of service for all your kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance needs. The NFPA 96 standards are followed for all cleanings we provide for your commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation system.

First time cleanings done by I.S.C. includes a thorough check and mapping of your entire system. We clean the hood system from the fan on the roof down to the floor in the kitchen. All equipment is moved or covered as is necessary. Your system will be cleaned to industry standards using high pressure steam washing of the hoods, ducts, and fans. Careful hand scraping is used when necessary to provide the best cleaning job possible. Hoods are shined and polished. As a preventative measure any cracked or worn belts are replaced at the time of cleaning, eliminating the need for a service call in the future which means less down time for your establishment.

Experience the quality of our cleanings for yourself, call today for a free estimate at 1-855-618-HOOD(4663).